Exposition Information: Ensign Attended China International Food Additives & Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2023)


The 26th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)from March 15 to 17, 2023. General Manager Li Jian and Vice General Manager Li Xuezheng of Business Department led the sales team of International Business Department and Citric Acid Domestic Business Department of Ensign Industry to participate in the exhibition.

FIC2023 is the first food additives and ingredients exhibition with the largest scale, the most international degree and the most cohesive industry since China opened its door to the world after the COVID-19 epidemic. Many customers at home and abroad were invited to discuss cooperation, and many new customers came to consult business. Our business staff's warm, professional service and explanation have won unanimous praise from our customers.

We show our premium citric acid green intelligent manufacturing project to the world, highlighting our strong comprehensive strength and strengthened customers' recognition of Ensign Industry as the leading brand of citric acid in the world and the industry leader through this exhibition, which laid a solid foundation for continued expansion of sales business.

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