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Ensign Industry lays emphasis on product upgrading and equipment level improving. By taking new process, new techniques and new equipments as the leading and it has eliminated the old process, techniques and equipments, optimizing the level of citric acid and alcohol production equipments continuously. By taking these measures, the company’s Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction has become the industry leader for now.


Depending on technological innovation and uses for reference of domestic and foreign high-tech technologies, combining with the actual situation of production and operation, taking advantage of technology research development and innovation of science and technology, Ensign industry innovated and used new techniques and process, such as thick mash fermentation, Liquid chromatography, calcium hydrogen extraction, multiple condensation and Steam tractor fan etc. Energy consumption indexes decreases significantly and energy saving effect is obvious. The company was awarded the Energy Saving Advanced Enterprise of Weifang and Enterprise of Outstanding Contribution to Energy Saving and other honors.

Energy-saving technological transformation projects also brought about emission reduction. By strategies of reusing three wastes, environmental governance and comprehensive utilization of resources, Ensign reduced three-waste discharge and realized trash to treasure and cyclic development. In 2014, Ensign was awarded Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Model Enterprise by China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association.


EnvironmentalProtection Information

Ⅰ Enterprise Basic Information

SHANDONG ENSIGN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is the manufacturer of citric acid and special grade alcohol. Its unified social credit code is 913707001657698540.

Legal Representative: Jian Li

Address: No.1567, Changsheng Street, Changle,Weifang, Shandong, China. 

Contact number: 0536-6239550.


Ⅱ Pollution Discharge Information

    1.Waste Gas

Name of characteristic pollutant: Sulfur Dioxide, Oxynitride, Smoke Dust; after dust removal, desulfurization and denitration, it is discharged through 2 chimneys with the implementation of the emission standards (SO2≤35mg/Nm3, NOx≤50mg/Nm3 and particulate matter ≤5mg/Nm3) of Shandong Provincial Air Pollutant Emission Standard for Thermal Power Plants (DB37/664-2019). 

The approved total emission amount: the total annual emission of sulfur dioxide is 201.13 tons; Total annual oxynitride emissions are 287.33 tons; the total annual emission of particulate matter was 28.73 tons.

    2.Waste Water

The name of characteristic pollutants is CODcr, NH3-N. It will discharge into Changle Sapphire Water Development Co., LTD through a main outlet after anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment. The discharge of waste water meets the Discharge Standards for Citric Acid Industrial Water Pollutants (GB19430-2013) COD≤300mg/L, ammonia nitrogen ≤30mg/L. The approved total emission amount: The total annual COD and ammonia nitrogen emissions were 3187.06t and 318.71t respectively.


Ⅲ Construction and operation condition of pollution prevention and control facilities

1.Waste Gas Pollution Control

From 2016 to 2017, Ensign has invested in Renovation Project of Boiler Flue Gas Ultralow –Discharge and upgraded the original environmental protection facilities. The company also adds wet electric dust precipitation on the base of bag-type dust remover. A newly built desulfurizing tower was built; the other 3 towers add spray level, synergy ring, tray and so on; The denitration add low-nitrogen combustion facility. The project was completed in July 2017 and achieved ultralow –emission requirement. Waste gas discharge is lower than the emission standard (SO2≤35mg/Nm3,NOx≤50mg/Nm3,dust≤5mg/Nm3) of Heat-Engine Plant Air Pollutant Emission Standard of Shandong Province (DB37/664-2019). Meanwhile, the pollutant discharge permit was obtained (No.: 91370700165767698540001P).

2.Waste Water Treatment

Ensign has built anaerobic treatment facility IC Tower and aerobic treatment facility oxidation ditch. The daily processing capacity is 50000 m3. The waste water was treated by anaerobic and aerobic biological method, and then it was put into Changle Sapphire Water Development Co., Ltd. Aim at reinforcing to monitor waste water discharge, Ensign has a waste water discharge outlet that is installed with on-line automatic monitoring equipment which contacts with government environmental protection administration. All facilities function normally.

3. Solid Waste Management

The main general solid wastes produced by company project are coal ash, coal cinder, desulfurized gypsum, calcium sulfate slag, aerobic sludge. They are all integrated. The hazardous wastes produced includes waste mineral oil, waste ion exchange resin, waste catalyst, waste liquid for laboratory testing, waste toner cartridge, waste oil cartridge, etc. Ensign has been signed disposal contracts with qualified units. And the dispose of all waste are entrusted. 


Ⅳ Environmental impact assessment information of construction projects

All company’s construction projects have environmental impact assessment according to the relevant requirements of environmental protection and put into operation after environmental protection acceptance check of construction project.


Ⅴ The records of Contingency Plan for Emergent Environmental Incident

According to the requirements from environmental protection administration, Ensign compiles Contingency Plan for Emergent Environmental Incident and records it with Changle Branch of Weifang Ecological Environment Bureau at June 26, 2019.Record number is 370725-2019-143-L.

Ⅵ Other environmental information that should be made public

The company develops the enterprise's own monitoring plan according to Measures for disclosure of Environmental Information of Enterprises and Institutions, Measures for Self-monitoring and Information Disclosure of State Key Monitoring Enterprises (Trial) and Technical Guidelines for Self-Monitoring of Pollutant Discharging Units. The enterprise shall carry out testing in accordance with the prescribed requirements and test frequency, and report and disclose it in a timely manner.